Our Carbon Neutral Policy

Laburnum Associates

Our Carbon Neutral Goals

As building contractors for high-end clients who demand superior construction and exceptionally high standards we are committed to working to a fully sustainable “green” and environmentally conscious agenda.

Our goal is to be a completely carbon neutral company by the end of the first quarter of 2023, across all our building sites.

Each and every step in the process of creating our dream homes is achieved following procedures that negate carbon emissions, and prioritise the use of renewable and eco-friendly products.

In addition, we aim to continually increase our carbon offsetting by planting trees whenever and wherever possible in our area of operation – across Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and other southern counties – and providing ongoing support for environmental projects around the world.

Laburnum Associates

Our Environmental Achievements

We are immensely proud of the fact that we have already achieved Carbon Neutral status for our administrative office, having offset 136 tonnes of CO2 (made up of our office emissions, employee emissions, company vehicles and the fuels used on our construction sites, like diesel and kerosene).

This result was assessed by our green guiding partners, Carbon Footprint Ltd., whose advice we follow closely. We provide accurate information to this organisation which calculates our annual carbon emissions.

Through our carbon offsetting we have actively supported the following projects globally:

  • African Biomass Energy Conservation, Poa Malawi (Biomass Conservation – Malawi)
  • Pacajai REDD+ Project (an Amazon deforestation prevention project)
  • Methane Gas Capture and Electricity Production at Kubratovo Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Arca Hydro Electric Power Plant – Turkey

Laburnum Associates

Our Green Ethos

Addressing environmental challenges, achieving net zero emissions, tackling climate change and nurturing sustainability is fundamental to the ethos of Laburnum Associates Ltd.

As a company involved in designing and building luxury homes we feel we have a responsibility to make those homes as eco-friendly as possible so that their environmental impact is positive, rather than negative. The same is true of the processes it takes to build them – we minimise greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of a project.

Every little helps in the fight to save our fragile planet, from our policy of encouraging and supporting our employees to work from home whenever possible to cut down their carbon footprint, to us having planted 136 trees, nature’s ultimate carbon capture and storage machines.

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